What’s in your water?

Granger, IN water contamination hits close to home.


The Health Department says what it found in the drinking water in Granger is alarming. WSBT’S Fact Finder team has been working on the investigation with the department for a year and reporter Kelli Stopczynski was the first reporter to see the data.

What’s really in the water?

According to the study, deet and nicotine are in Granger’s drinking water, but those aren’t the worst things scientists found.

“The water is contaminated,” said St. Joseph County’s environmental health director, Marc Nelson. “People should be concerned.”

That concern comes after 12 months of testing. WSBT was there for a lot of it.

“Perhaps the most surprising thing was the pharmaceutical compounds identified,” said Dave Jeffers, a private contractor with Roberts Environmental Services.

Pharmaceutical compounds are prescription drugs. In Granger’s drinking water, scientists found traces of Bactrim – an antibiotic used to treat bladder and ear infections and Primidone – medication used to control seizures and depression.

“It is alarming,” said Saira Rahman, who lives in Granger’s Saddlebrook neighborhood.

Rahman, her husband and three kids just moved into that subdivision a few months ago.

“We had the water tested when we first moved in and it seemed to be ok,” she recalled.

But when WSBT told her water at a home in a neighborhood right next to hers tested positive for medications, it confirmed her concerns.

“We’re raising children here. We want them not to be exposed to things they’re not supposed to be exposed to,” Rahman added. “I’m definitely going to continue using bottled water until we have some assurance this is safe drinking water.”

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